As Capuchin Franciscans we follow St. Francis of Assisi as brothers, living the Gospel in prayer, fraternity and ministry, witnessing simply to Jesus Christ and the Church as a joyful presence of hope and salvation to all, especially to those most in need.

Guiding Principles

As followers of St. Francis, desiring to be conformed more perfectly to the crucified and risen Christ
◦ We affirm that our prayer is rooted in our Capuchin contemplative tradition and is expressed in many forms.
◦ We seek to witness both personally and communally to affective prayer.
◦ We seek to become a living prayer and joyful presence to draw others to Christ.

We Capuchins are friars minor, rooted in mutual love, humble reverence and respect for one another 
and for all people.
◦ Individually and communally, we commit ourselves to be in greater solidarity with the poor.
◦ We manifest a compassionate caring attitude toward one another as brothers.
◦ We affirm, animate, support and encourage the building of community.

As brothers of St. Francis, we faithfully follow the meek and humble Christ.
◦ We cultivate a disposition of humility and respect of the dignity of others
◦ We share our joy as lesser brothers by walking with people of every social condition and by 
being instruments of reconciliation.
◦ We commit ourselves to the evaluation of our lifestyle, both individually and communally.